Trustee Loans

Trustee Loans

Bision Financials offers borrowers different types of loans, one of which is a Trustee loan.
A Trustee Loan is a loan issued to a person who holds an asset on behalf of another. Our Trustee loans are similar to a future investment or bond with a future term benefit. Our Trustee loan can also be repaid in full or in part and we make it very easy for beneficiaries to manage the loan in line with the income generated by the Trust.
For years now we have been providing financial support services to Trusts and Trustees and we are proud to say that over the years, we have helped many Trustees avoid financial ruin by giving them the ultimate financial support they so desperately need. From short to medium term loan, Bision Financials specialized Trustee loan is unlike any other. This loan is specially created for Trustees and has all the features suitable for borrowers in this category.

How our Trustee Loan works

Our Trustee Loan is issued to individuals who manage a trust on behalf of a principal. If you are a trustee and the trust requires capital for the day to day operations of the trust, the last thing you need to do is secure a loan that is inappropriate for the trustor one with a relatively high interest rate. You can apply for our Trustee loan at an affordable interest rate without having to disrupt in-house operations.

What is the Loan for?

You can use our Trustee loan to

  • Take care of pressing personal needs
  • Fund operations of the Trust

What is the Loan for?

Our Trustee Loan confers certain advantages some of which include the following-

A Trustee loan can help your trust stay afloat especially during times of cash scarcity. Rather than put all plans on hold, your Trust continues to function as intended without any disruptions or delays. Bision Financials Trustee loan provides Trust with credit lines for continuous operations.

We help trusts acquire assets externally that can then be used to boost their net book value. Investing in assets outside the trust is one way to increase the value of your trust without disrupting your cash flow. With our Trustee loan, you can acquire real assets like real estate or stocks with an eye for the future

Did you know that we offer Trustees loans at one of the lowest interest rates in the industry? We want you or the Trust to stay afloat or increase in value rather than slide down into Trust-killing debt. Our interest rates are quite attractive and we spread the repayments across a wide window for ease of payment.

In need of funds at short notice? Far advantage of our Trustee Loan today. You don’t have to wait for several days or weeks to get a loan from us. Once you fill and submit the application form, we will evaluate your loan request and disburse the cash to you at short notice.

Many Trustees in need of cash for one reason or the other have approached Bision Financials for a Trustee loan and we have always delivered it to those who are eligible for it. Regardless of the time of the year or what you may need the loan for, we will provide it pending the time when you are eligible to get money from the Trust.

Our process is structured to help you achieve the best possible outcomes that is why all our clients have come to trust us. If you need a Trustee loan today, give us a call and let us be of help to you.

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